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Q. What are my rights if any as an accidental squatter of 7 years in Oregon?
A: You were given permission by the former owner to live there so you aren't trespassing. The brother or some family member inherited the house. Usually a foreclosure concludes when the property is actually sold. Sometimes the lender bids at the foreclosure sale and the Lender buys the property. But any tenant living in the property is not obligated to leave until they get an eviction notice. Back in 2007 when there was a flood of foreclosures, many foreclosed homeowners lived in their foreclosed properties for years until there was finally a buyer who started the eviction proceeding. So enjoy the free rent but keep your possessions such that you can move when you have to. Sometimes the lender would sell the property to a new owner who was really only looking for an investment and they would turn around and rent the house to the tenant who was still living there. If you want to know who owns the house, just go down the the recorder's office for the county where the property is located. If the house was "bought" by the lender at the foreclosure sale, there should be something recorded in the property records to that effect. That way you don't have to contact the lender and tip them off that you are living their rent free. I would caution you to buy renter's insurance so you have some way to recuperate if there is a problem like a fire or flood (if it covers floods - ask) because it doesn't sound like anyone is going to come running to fix the property or help you out. An eviction notice will usually give you some time to move, and then if you don't leave, you still have the time it will take for them to followup with an FED proceeding in the court. But I might start evaluating your options for moving now just in case, especially if you need money for first and last rent and you need to pass a background check.
Q. My mortgage company pulled out our payment two weeks early. Which has wiped out my bank account. What do I do?
A: Talk to your bank and do damage control. Talk to your lender and find out why they didn't what they did. I would stop autopay so this can't happen anymore if that is an option. Talk to anyone that you needed to pay and can't and explain the situation. Most creditors are nice if you ask nicely and explain the problem. Ask them to waive any late fees or finance charges. It is time consuming but they usually will wave these. If you are able, apply for a low interest home mortgage equity line of credit and use your line of credit to cover unexpected cash flow issues like this in the future.
Q. I have 50/50 custody but slightly more time then my ex. I live in a different city. Can I change my children's schools?
A: You say you are in a custody modification proceeding right now. I hope you have an attorney and if you don't you need to get one. The type of question you are asking here could impact your custody modification proceeding so it is critical to get professional legal advice. It is horrible to subject young children 6 and 8 years old to four hours of driving daily to and from school I hope the court puts a stop to it immediately. (Where are you driving in Oregon that it takes two hours to get to another city? Salem to Meford? That's insane.) Your husband also needs to pay support. The fact that he is not working is no excuse. He can't sit around waiting for the perfect job. He is legally obligated to take whatever work he can get while he looks for the perfect job because it is a crime not to support one's children. Get and attorney if you don't have one and don't put up with this nonsense. If your custody modification hearing is going to be schedule after school starts then you need set a hearing for temporary custody and support and you should have done that when you first filed. Get an attorney! The fact that you are posting here leads me to believe you are trying to do this without an attorney.
Q. My daughter is a full time student who just turned 18. I would like to pay her directly. How do I accomplish this?
A: You can go back to court and get the support order modified to order the payments to be made to your adult daughter instead of to your ex. The Judge will have discretion to order the payments still be made to your ex and may consider continuing that payments being paid to your ex particularly if your daughter is living with your ex. You file a motion to modify the support and you will have to add your daughter as a party since she is over age 18. Be aware that your ex could respond asking the amount of support to be reviewed and your support cost could be increased so it might be wise to talk to an attorney about this first before charging forward.
Q. Get Dog Back After Signing Contract
A: Wait did you sell the dog or did you gift him? What do you mean you signed a contract? One doesn't need a contract to gift something. If this was a sale and you have no proof that the animal is being mistreated you probably don't have any rights. If you do have proof or good reason to believe that he is being mistreated, then you can call various agencies that check on animal welfare and let them look into it. Dogs can look sad when they are going through a transition. They grieve the loss of their human just like human's grieve. Your dog will probably always remember you and will react when he sees you - but that won't tell you necessarily how he does when you aren't around. If you want an unbiased opinion on how the dog is doing, give the dog a few weeks to adjust and then send someone the dog doesn't already know over to check on the dog and report back to you.
Q. I am a grandmother trying to get INTERVENOR status and apply for probate guardianship of my granddaughter. How? Forms?
A: There aren't any do it yourself forms and you really need to have an attorney to help you with this. A $5,000 retainer is pretty reasonable for a case involving custody which this essentially is. In fact, $10,000.00 or more is more common. You need to understand that you might have to pay for an expert to testify and they don't come cheap and the attorney is not going to pay for it. I don't know the facts of your case but expert witnesses are often essential in custody cases and these case can get very expensive due to the costs of expert witnesses. If you just want to get your foot in the door without an attorney you can hire an attorney just to draft the pleadings for you and that will keep the cost down, but that is like hiring someone to build a boat for you and you still don't know how to sail it. My best advice is to raise money to pay for an attorney and get a good attorney. Also make sure you are getting good advice before you waste your money. The legal rights of grandparents are hard to establish so you need someone who knows what they are doing.
Q. if i retained a probate attorney can he legally quit in the middle of the case in oregon
A: Attorneys are allowed to withdraw from a case unless the withdrawal would severely predjudice the client, like if the attorney withdraws one day before trial. It doesn't sound like you are that type of urgent situation. Get another attorney and get on with it. If the withdrawal is due to you not being able to pay the attorney, I suggest you find a way to pay the next attorney.
Q. Oregon civil complaint to quiet title, when can an amended complaint be refined by plaintiffs? If filed a motion already
A: Hire an attorney who knows the laws of civil procedure. If you are on the internet asking these type of questions you need professional help. And no, no Attorney can answer this by reading only your description. An attorney is going to want to review all the pleadings and talk to you. You don't win cases in Oregon based on procedural technicalities. When push comes to shove the court is going to be very lenient as to the rules in order to give both sides a fair chance to present their cases, at least in the initial stages. At trial the rules may be more strictly enforced so you better know what you are doing.
Q. A property owner hires a tow company but keeps this a secret from the tenants for the tow company . Is coercion ?
A: Have no clue what exactly is going on here from your rather sparse description. Please go and consult with an attorney and discuss all the details in a private office conference. You might want to call the Oregon State Bar for a name on their Lawyer Referral List and you will get a short consultation with someone for $35.00. I don't usually recommend Lawyer Referral but for this type of question it might be the cheapest way to get an answer and that is really all you need.
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