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Portland Legal Services specializes in Personalized Advocacy. This is a full service civil law firm. We cross specialize in several related areas of the law which means that we can offer you comprehensive solutions to difficult issues that require knowledge in several legal sub-specialties.

We can help you with issues in the areas of: Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Support), Paternity, Bankruptcy (Chapter 7), Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Elder Law (Special Needs Trusts), Probate, Conservatorships, Guardianships, , Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Small Business, Real Estate, and Civil Litigation. If you don't see your problem area listed here, please contact us to see if it is something we also cover.

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Q. What can I do if my job is at high risk of giving me covid? It is a crowded place, and it isn't essential
A: Assuming you are in Oregon Governor Brown's order expressly banns office work when the work can be done from home. This article explains where to report a suspected violation:
Q. As a buyer can I be sued by a seller (in bankruptcy and already has court approval to sell home) if I breech contract?
A: This is a complex situation which really requires a lawyer to know all the facts and review all the documents before they can advise you. All I can tell you is that the Bankruptcy Lawyer is motivated to get top dollar for their client. They need to sell the house for more than is owed on the house so their client realizes the excess which is protected by the property exemption they claimed when they filed bankruptcy. On the other had if the sale falls through the Bankruptcy Trustees might want to rush the sale of a house and not necessarily get top dollar which means the client of the bankruptcy Attorney gets less or no exempt money. So the story you are getting from the debtor's Attorney is likely biased. Can you be sued for breaching a sales contract - yes in theory. The Bankruptcy Trustee now controls the property in the Debtor's estate so they also have the right to sue on the contract which is part of the Debtor's Estate. I honestly don't know how likely this is to happen. Generally speaking Bankruptcy Trustees's just want to get in and get out with as much money as they can realize for their fees or commissions for doing the liquidation. It might also be possible for the Debtor to sue you if the Trustee isn't interested and the Trustee agrees they can go ahead with this. I guess the real question is why are you backing out of the sale? Also, where did you get the idea that you would be sued for $20k? Understand that specific performance means getting a court to force you to complete the purchase and courts will rarely do that. Rather the property will get sold to a second buyer, probably by the Trustee. As I pointed out above, you could be sued for the difference between what you offered and what the second buyer paid if it was less than your offer. But there is a limitation even to that. The Seller has to prove that they did everything they could to mitigate what damages you are left owing. I don't see how they can do that if the Trustee grabs the property and rushes the sale. There is also the consideration as to who is going to pay for this lawsuit against you and whether you could even pay the judgment even if they win, ie the risk and the cost. Hard to say what will happen without an Attorney, as I initially said, learning all the facts and reviewing all the documents.
Q. My roommate continues to bring his girlfriend over to our house even though she has stolen from us. What can I do?
A: This isn't a family law problem. This is in the ball park of a landlord tenant or contract issue. You can't control who your roommate invites over. You can report the theft to the police if you think there is sufficient proof that the police will be able to pursue the complaint. You can move out. You can seek to evict your roommate. These last two suggestions bring up the issue of what type of lease or contract to your or your roommate have with the landlord.
Q. What can i do if non custodial parent won't return child at end of court agreed upon visitation time in oregon.
A: This is typical of the police but sometimes they are much more helpful if you have a certified copy of the Judgment and parenting plan which leaves no doubt that you are entitled to have the child at that point. There can still be a problem if it isn't clear that you get the child at that time. For example if the parenting plan (ordered by the court) says parent A is the custodial parent and parent B has the child the first and third weekend of each month - then it is clear when the child is with either parent. But if instead it says that parent B has the child every other weekend, there is no certainty as to which weekend in the rotation you are dealing with. Your options are to take the matter back to court. Courts are operating on a reduced basis but they are still allowing you to file. There is something called a writ of assistance which is like a warrant that the court can sign and then you can use that to get the police to assist you. You can also file to enforce parenting time or to modify custody and parenting time. Here is the more practical solution. Hire an Attorney to contact the mother for you by phone or letter and explain what the consequences are going to be if the child isn't returned by a certain date. But be prepared to pay the Attorney to follow through with the appropriate court filings if mother chooses to ignore this. Also it might be a good idea to figure out why the mother is doing this. Many parents are afraid of the pandemic right now so fear is driving their behavior. We don't know if that is a factor in your situation so that is something to discuss with your Attorney.
Q. If a divorce decree relinquishes rights to property does that person have rights if former spouse didn't file quitclaim?
A: Not sure which parent you are asking on behalf of. But the parent you are concerned for needs to be the one to investigate this issue. First, they need to read the Divorce Decree and see exactly what it says. If it identifies the property by stating the legal description and clearly identifies who the property was awarded to, that is effectively a transfer of the property. No additional deed is needed. But if the decree isn't clear or uses a street address and not a legal description, it may be ineffective to transfer the property. Also if there is a mortgage that both parents are liable for, the mortgage company doesn't care what the divorce court did or ordered. Both people are still on the hook for the mortgage so it is foolish to transfer the rights in the property without making sure that the outgoing owner has been relieved from the mortgage obligation. This usually requires paying off or refinancing the mortgage.
Q. Can my ex file for custody after i have had sole custody for 2yrs?
A: Extremely unlikely. A change of custody requires proof of a SUBSTANTIAL change of circumstances. Honestly I have never heard of an employer saying that in order to attend to a sick child and not lose one's job one has to have custody. I would suggest that you and he contact BOLI, Oregon's Bureau of Labor and Industries and get a handle on what the employment laws of Oregon have to say about this. This sounds more like an employment law issue. If there is something to his claim, although I doubt it, you could both file a stipulated parenting plan that clearly states that in times of an emergency sickness or illness father can equally participate in the child's medical care or something like that. Honestly non-custodial parents already have a lot of rights under Oregon State Law to participate in both the child's medical care and education. Share this law with your ex and tell him to share it with his employer:
Q. I can still be the PR for my moms estate if ive been convicted of a felony but had my record expunged & cert of rehab
A: That would be up to the court. You would need to disclose the details in the Petition. It also would depend as to whether anyone else wants to apply or if they object to your appointment. The court is likely to require a bond so you might want to make sure that you can be bonded.
Q. Can I stipulate in my will that the house, which is in my name, cannot be sold, but husband can continue to live there?
A: What you want to do is create a life estate for your husband and have your children be the remaindermen who get the house. It sounds like a good idea but it can create problems. For example if your husband has to go into skilled nursing care someone will have to rent the house and use the rental money to pay for his nursing home care as his life estate has value that medicaid will count as a resource. Another problem is that he needs to be able to pay the property taxes, the insurance, and do the repair and general up keep on the house. If he fails to do any of these thigs they value of the house is diminished or possible destroyed. Other issues you might be facing is that Oregon gives a spouse a right to an elective share in their spouse's estate. So if you don't leave him other property sufficient to equal his elective share, he might be able to defeat your bequest in a Will. Often it isn't realistic to expect to have property left over for your children as your spouse may need what you leave to him just to survive. If you are fortunate enough to have sufficient wealth both take care of your spouse and leave something to your children, you might consider setting up an estate plan that does exactly that at your death. You are going to need to talk to an Attorney to sort this out.
Q. My child’s mother and I are unmarried. After paternity is established (DNA TEST), how is custody established?
A: Paternity when the mother is still married to another man can be tricky. I suggest you read this statute and talk to an Attorney. You don't have any rights to custody or parenting time until paternity is established.
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