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Stephen Douglas Lombardi

Stephen Douglas Lombardi

Iowa Attorney
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Let me welcome you to my profile page. First the stuff that gets Google's attention and that which appeals to people. Contact West Des Moines personal injury lawyer, Stephen D. Lombardi who has practiced civil trial litigation (personal injury lawyer-litigator, accidents, construction site injuries that include injuries resulting in death, along with workers’ compensation cases, for over 33 years. He is admitted to practice law in Iowa and Florida. Professionally Mr. Lombardi is active in the development of communication tools for trial lawyers and regularly speaks on various subjects having to do with civil trial work, ethics and the skills needed to be a successful lawyer. He was born and raised in New England and in 1975 moved to the Midwest to obtain his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1978 with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology. In 1981 he graduated from Drake University Law School. During law school he worked as a private investigator in a five state region of the Midwest. Working his way through law school as a PI taught essential skills for gathering and preserving evidence. After law school Mr. Lombardi chose to make Iowa his home. A choice he continues to make. Mr. Lombardi is a person driven to complete what he starts. He prides himself on telling his clients what they need to hear not what they want to hear. He doesn't believe in participation trophy awards, he believes in achievement. Participation trophies foster a defective character, winners learn from losing. He doesn't concern himself with recognition of his accomplishments, but instead focuses on winning the case, your case. While he understands losing is a part of litigation he still hates to lose. He is a lawyer that simply hates to lose. His style is to begin to size up and prepare his clients from the first conversation through the trial. All people that become his clients are important to him. After over 33 years of pra

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Lead Attorney
Lombardi Law Firm
- Current
Mosier, Thomas, Beatty, Dutton, Braun and Staack
Here is where I learned the business of litigation. These are some terrific lawyers.
Drake University Law School
J.D. / Litigation
Law School Newspaper reporter
University of Iowa
B.S. / Psychology (1975)
Activities: President, Associated Residence Halls
Rhode Island Junior College, aka Rhode Island Community College
A.A. / Science (1975)
Honors: Deans List all four semesters
Activities: Boxing
Professional Associations
Iowa Real Estate Commission
- Current
Activities: I am a licensed real estate broker and a licensed attorney.
- Current
Activities: I have passed all four CCIM Commercial Real Estate Investment examinations.
Florida State Bar # 616176
- Current
Iowa Supreme Court
Licensed Attorney
- Current
Activities: I am a licensed attorney
Iowa Bar Association
- Current
Iowa Real Estate Commission
Broker License
Activities: I hold an Iowa commercial real estate broker's license
American Bar Association
Legal Answers
30 Questions Answered

Q. Hi I live in Iowa and my employer is from Iowa but the company he has his trucks leased to is from South Dakota .
A: It appears you likely have a claim subject to Iowa and an Iowa lawyer would probably handle it. From the question number one seems to be true. From the little information provided I am uncertain if number two is also true. I know you live in Iowa. Do you regularly work in Iowa? Do you drive across Iowa? Is there a written contract with a provision detailing where a work injury claim is venued? You likely need to visit with an Iowa lawyer, so the lawyer can get exact facts and make a determination. Here are the five situations making your claim and Iowa claim. A trucker injured outside of Iowa is entitled to Iowa benefits if one of the five situations are true: 1. The employer has a place of business in Iowa and the driver regularly works at or from that place of business, or the employer has a place of business in Iowa and the driver is domiciled in Iowa. 2. The driver is working under a contract of hire made in Iowa and the driver regularly works in Iowa. 3. The driver is working under a contract of hire made in Iowa and sustains an injury for which no remedy is available under the workers’ compensation laws of another state. 4. The driver is working under a contract of hire made in Iowa for employment outside the United States. 5. The employer has a place of business in Iowa, and the driver is working under a contract of hire which provides that the driver’s workers’ compensation claims be governed by Iowa law.
Q. Iowa, our female ran off 3 months ago, a neighbor 3 miles away has her, doesn't want to give her back, my rights?
A: According to the law, the dog is property. The owner can sue in District Court for the dog to be returned, via a procedure commonly referred to as a replevin. Or in small claims court for the value of the dog. Or consider reporting it to the police and asking law enforcement to assist in obtaining the dog's return to the rightful owner.
Q. Hi, I'm wondering if I can sue the Orthopedic doctor who failed to diagnose and treat my ankle for bone marrow edema...
A: Probably not. It appears your damages would be limited to pain, suffering and some additional discomfort. That's not enough to warrant spending the amount of money it would take to prove that medical malpractice occurred. This even assumes any did occur which I am not convinced did. In evaluating medical malpractice, the first step is always whether the case would be economically feasible if there is malpractice and your case does not meet this threshold requirement.
Q. In Iowa can a lawyer take part of my weekly checks like 2 for me 1 for lawyer and so on
A: Yes. It sounds like you have a contingent fee agreement. One-third goes to the attorney. Unless you agreed to pay him/her by the hour. Did you?
Q. I just turned 17 and my father is constantly threatening to kick me out and its happend before. what are my options?
A: Legally none. At least not as you've described the situation. Practically you could try doing what he says. After all isn't he paying the bills.
Q. I passed a stopped school bus and am under the age of 18 and was wondering about the consequences?
A: If the facts are as you describe them, nothing will happen. If the facts are different in terms of the timing of the sign unfolding you may receive a citation for failing to stop. Were you on your cell phone texting? It is not an excuse, at least not a valid one, but you might consider the question and the implications of what would have happened had you been texting and children were crossing the street.
Q. I am a 17 year old in the state of Iowa. 18 in March. If I ran away would I be forced to come home?
A: You'd better stick with Grandma until you are 18. You may not like Grandma, but so long as her house is safe, secure, warm, you have bed and there is food on the table - do your chores, go to work and re-enroll in school. Dropping out of school is never a wise decision. You have your entire life ahead of you and working as a waitress or some other "always-on-your-feet" job quickly gets old. I handle a lot of cases for injured workers who do not have a high school education or even a GED. They have a tough road to navigate. My own son did what you did, but then he enrolled in Alternative High School. After graduating he worked doing collection work. It didn't take long for that to get old, but he stuck with it and enrolled in DMACC nights. He graduated from DMACC and that proved to me he would do the work. And so he was back on my dime enrolled at ISU in business. He graduated and asked me about law school. I warned him against it. But probably like you he was stubborn and he applied anyway. After getting in, he actually graduated. And today he is a licensed and practicing lawyer. The fact you are writing to the lawyers' website asking for legal advice shows you have a brain. Use it. Go talk with a couple of waitresses, pick a few who are middle aged and who dropped out of school; then ask them if they could do it all over again, if they would stay in school, go to college or trade school and learn a skill - rather than move dishes for a living. Don't waste your life because of mistakes adults make. Those are their mistakes, not yours. You can prove them wrong by making something of yourself and learning how to earn a lot more than $350.00 a week. When I played baseball I never hit a home run; yet I had one of the best batting averages in the league. You just should adopt my motto - just get on first. You can steal your way around the bases. And you can prove them all wrong, by doing what is right and succeeding.
Q. Minor injured at work
A: Hmmmm.... Interesting question. I would love to know in which industry he was working. Probably a restaurant. No matter. The kid has a workers' compensation claim; I think you know this. But your question goes to notice to the family and if there is a duty to the family, which was breached, and then are there damages that flow from the failure to give notice. And I would say, probably-maybe-who knows, as to the notice, but no as to the damages issue. And if the answer to the damage issue is a big-fat "N-O", then the rest of the claims fails. Because in any tort case you need a yes to all four parts of the personal injury claim. 1. Duty. 2. Breach of Duty. 3. Damages. 4. Proximate Cause. You have no damages, at least none that you've told us about. So guess what? The claim fails. Zip. Nadda. Nil.You get nothing. And in Muddville, there is no joy.
Q. Son(7) threw apple over fence. Neighbor dogs fought over it. Who pays vet bill?
A: In which state did this happen? In which town or city? Let's assume for a minute that the seven year old boy is responsible. Then the boy's parents, if they have a homeowner's policy would likely by the one paying the bills, minus any deductible.
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